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Aergo готов выстрелить (что это, почему и как)

На официальной странице CryptoMoonShots в reddit.com, с более 15 тыс подписчиков, появился глубокий, интересный анализ Проекта Aergo.

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Aergo, ready to rumble (what,why,how)

Aergo, a hybrid (private and public) blockchain project that focuses on enterprise solutions. In my opinion, they have positioned themselves nicely to succeed in the (near) future. Have a look below:

-marketcap around 5.8 mil usd. I see a lot of potential for future growth (https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/aergo/)

-Backed by Samsung SDS, Sequoia Capital, Shinhan Bank, etc... (https://www.crunchbase.com/organization/blocko#section-recent-news-activity)

-Aergo token utility

  1. Fees for mainnet transactions and interoperability among other sidechains (GAS is needed for ETH as to AERGO is needed for the Mainnet.)

  2. Partnership with a payment processing startup such as SatoshiPay (which enables people to pay for crypto using creditcard) This is a strategic partnership and Aergo actually also invested in the company https://medium.com/@SatoshiPay/satoshipay-raises-1m-in-new-funding-round-48e1c7b99b06

  3. AERGO GEM which is part of Rewards as a Reward Infrastructures As A Service (RIaaS), a service that will allow organizations to build & introduce a built-in rewards infrastructure. This means that other companies will be on the Aergo Mainnet as well and having the GEM available on different platforms also brings further utility to the AERGO token

  4. dApps, which are public and want to share data will also have access to the network to open up interoperable doors

  5. Staking, this is a key part of our ecosystem to benefit token holders as you are securing and voting for the DAO which will be released shortly and will have a big impact on the token. There are staking rewards that amount from 8-10% annually (https://medium.com/aergo/aergo-network-voting-reward-28212d568fc9)

Future plans: -There are more integrations, opportunities, and more-so business use cases which will reflect on the network as they bridge among other projects. Think Insurance, Digital Identity. These are broader topics, but all in all many components which will help (and reflect) value on the network, and also value for token holders .

-Aergo partnerships with branches of the South Korean government https://medium.com/@mutucjoselito/aergo-based-blockchain-contracts-with-the-south-korean-government-2c3982d2fd03

-Partnerships in the MENA-region https://medium.com/@mutucjoselito/projects-in-the-middle-east-that-will-utilize-aergo-blockchain-technology-e28aac7ef9c5

-Hyundai AutoEver partnership https://t.me/aergoannouncements/139

-Usecases of Aergo technology




-Kakaotalk integration (Using Aergo to facilitate stamping, verification & payments on KakaoTalk, question 22) https://medium.com/aergo/aergo-qpu-2020-q-a-answers-e17ec5c43a66?_branch_match_id=735583637921156257

-Aergo token in the Samsung blockchain wallet ( at 1min 51sec) and the Dapp, Gotchu ( 2min 01sec) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vgI1DbH1gFc&feature=youtu.be

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