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Отчет по токен метрикам Aergo

21 октября 2020 года на официальной странице Aergo в Medium появилась статья с анализом токен метрик Aergo.
Вы можете ознакомиться с ней на нашем сайте ниже:

In this AERGO token metrics update, we explain where the majority of Aergo Tokens were recently released. This includes an insight into the current and next planned immediate circulation of Aergo Tokens. As part of our communication in our last execution plan, the Aergo Foundation released all of the private purchaser, key backer, 3rd party contract and Aergo Foundation member and advisory board reserved tokens by Q2 2020. According to the previous QPU report (end of Q1 2020), the total circulating supply of Aergo Tokens counts 264,019,890 (i.e. 52.8% total supply). After 6 months, the total circulating supply of Aergo Tokens are 287,889,087 (57.6% of supply). We plan to release a further 15,930,000 during the next 6 months to expand our ecosystem. With the implementation of the AERGO Agora (DAO) the community will have a vote in token distribution.

From our last reporting on the Q1 QPU, there has been a difference of 9,259,899 tokens in distribution. The difference was due to the following:

  • 1,680,000 Reconciliation of shortfall in Private Sale distribution
  • 4,066,666 AERGO foundation expense
  • 1,000,000 Community airdrop
  • 472,000 OKEX marketing airdrop
  • 500,000 Ecosystem partner
  • 1,541,233 Treasury liquidation

The details will be disclosed in our next QPU (Q2&Q3).

Full metrics and vesting schedules for all Aergo token holder categories can be reviewed here.

A summary of the Aergo token split¹ is as follows:

A summary of the latest Aergo token circulating supply¹ (as of 31/10/2020) is as follows:

With the implementation of AERGO Agora (DAO), the future circulating supply will depend on community voting. The details of which will be planned and executed by the end of 2020.

¹ Readers should not rely on forward-looking estimates for the purposes of buying, selling, or holding Aergo tokens or coins or for any other purpose. All future circulating supply estimates are based on the Aergo Organization’s current execution plan. These forward-looking statements are subject to risks and uncertainties that could cause actual results to differ materially.

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