AERGO 2022 Vision

2022 Plan

AERGO is a “blockchain for business” that first started with a private blockchain for enterprise.

AERGO has already secured many use cases in the enterprise blockchain area, but in 2021, AERGO discovered new opportunities in the cryptocurrency and NFT, and expanded the ecosystem to explore use cases that consumers could directly use and feel.

In 2022, AERGO plans to expand its scope from “blockchain for business” focusing on existing enterprises to “blockchain for the world.” The world that AERGO is preparing for is as follows:

Crypto World

Crypto market, which moved to a bull market at the end of 2020, has achieved explosive growth, especially in DeFi and NFT. Not only blockchain and cryptocurrency companies but general public has also become very interested in the market.

AERGO has achieved a lot by fostering NFT DApps such as CCCV, and is planning to build a platform to expand the ecosystem for the crypto world based on these experiences.

We plan to launch the “AERGO Swap” project in 2022, which will be linked to DeFi services such as PlusFi and AERGO-based NFT services such as CCCV.

This is a pivot from the original concept of an universal infrastructure/service providing hub, as previously planned “App Portal” or “AERGO Hub,” and will try to secure a practical AERGO-based services instead of competing with Amazon or Google.

In addition, the existing DApp incubation program will be expanded to the new AERGO DApp Launchpad, which will foster and operate an investment platform for the new AERGO-based services.

Metaverse World

In 2021, Metaverse became a very important new keyword. AERGO is aware of the importance of Metaverse in businesses and believe that blockchain will play an important essential technology in Metaverse.

In 2022, AERGO plans to provide technical components for implementing Metaverse with SDK and services, and plans to expand the ecosystem for businesses to learn and use them.

To strengthen our strategy, we are establishing a new studio focused on Metaverse in the United States, and through this, we are planning to expand the technological and business ecosystem.

As a “blockchain for the world,” AERGO will improve platform components for a more streamlined experience, and improve functionality in connect apps and scan to support Crypto/Metaverse.

Blueprint for this ecosystem expansion will be released in the first half of 2022 in the form of AERGO Metaverse white paper.






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