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Aergo получил рейтинг A- от Xangle.io


Aergo has been rated ‘A-‘, indicating that it is a solid level project. Aergo is a hybrid blockchain project to mitigate the challenges currently experienced in the public blockchain. Aergo also provides blockchain solutions that link corporate private blockchain to public blockchain. The project management has relatively sufficient experience, and the number of team members is 71, the number of team members remains large in the industries. Financial sustainability was not evaluated due to limited data, but it is optimistic that the project has been invested by companies such as Sequoia Capital China and FGB. Since its establishment in 2018, the project has launched the Aero Mainnet to implement a hybrid blockchain with more than 300 companies such as Samsung and Hyundai, which is considered to have a competitive advantage over other public or private blockchains. The ongoing management of the Aergo Mainnet and the launch and operation of more corporate dapps on the mainnet will determine the future’s success.

Regarding financial sustainability, AERGO is also backed by @Blocko_io team, with funding from Samsung, Shinhan Bank, and Big Hit Entertainment.

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