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CCCV, инкубируемый AERGO, создает верификацию участников вакцинации : статья в Medium от Jae Nam

11 июня 2021 года на официальной странице Aergo в Medium появилась новая статья от Jae Nam о верификации участников вакцинации от CCCV.

Приводим содержание этой статьи ниже:

CCCV, продукт Blocko XYZ, представляет собой инкубированный проект фонда AERGO, который закрепляет данные участников в общедоступной сети AERGO.

CCCV, product of Blocko XYZ, is an incubated project by the AERGO foundation, that anchors member data on the AERGO public mainnet.

Blocko XYZ has announced that from June 11th, anyone who has their COVID-19 vaccination status verified through the social DID service CCCV, will be able to receive a real badge and sticker that displays their status to others.

Starting July, the Korean government is waiving the outdoor mask mandate for those who are vaccinated. Once this policy is implemented, it will be difficult to discern who has been truly vaccinated. As the government has only issued confirmation stickers for people who have been vaccinated above the age of 65, there needs to be a method of distinguishing vaccinated people in younger age groups.

Although apps for digital vaccination verification have been developed and other similar services are being announced, there is continuing controversy over the issues of security and standardization, and all responsibility is being placed on the individual. Self-employed business owners who manage small scale businesses, such as health and fitness managers, pilates teachers and golf coaches, are particularly in urgent need of a way to distinguish unvaccinated clients who falsely claim to be vaccinated for the sake of remaining unmasked.

In an effort to solve this problem, Blocko XYZ has announced that it will award free stickers and badges to people who verify their vaccination status by signing up to social verification service CCCV.

Users can request a badge by clicking on the digital vaccination badge under the CCCV verification tab and uploading evidence of their vaccination status. The requested badge will be granted within 24 hours after the authenticity of the uploaded document has been confirmed by an administrator. After this badge has been granted, users will be able to request concrete vaccination confirmation stickers and badges by simply filling out the required information.

The digital verification badge can be selected as a top badge and shared with others in the form of a link. Users will be able to easily announce their vaccination status to their family, acquaintances and clients, and influencers may in this way encourage many others to also get vaccinated.

Kim Kyung-hoon, CEO of Blocko XYZ, announced, “We would like to actively offer our support in finding a solution to the various social problems that may arise following the loosening of the mask policy in July. As a social content business card service, CCCV is used by many self-employed people, from models and coaches to freelancers in various fields, for the sake of verifying their qualifications. We hurried to create the vaccination badge in response to the demand of users like this who required vaccination confirmation due to the frequent interaction with clients. However, consumers have complained that online proof is simply not convenient to apply to offline businesses. Since the Korea Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s vaccination APIs are not open, services are only being provided manually. So, we decided to produce a real badge that could be used offline.”

Blocko XYZ’s CCCV, which has introduced the vaccination confirmation badge, was launched in November 2020. It is a new online content business card service that combines a badge system for expressing one’s academic background, assets and various abilities, with a link sharing service. Since its launch, within just 6 months, CCCV has gained over 2 million subscribers and offers a variety of blockchain-based services including DID and NFT.

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