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Ответы на вопросы на AMA от сообщества Aergo

Appreciate all your patience! That was a fruitful AMA with some really interesting question. Thank you all who participate!

What are the risk management policies that you’re using to safeguard user’s datas in your platform? How do you really ensure that there is a backup base to rely on in the face of any situation?

Answer : It seems to be a story from the enterprise side, not from the AERGO public chain. In general, user data contains personal information, so it must comply with the Personal Information Protection Act, and important data must be masked and managed separately in the database. This should also include general database administration and secure coding to avoid being hacked.

Answer : Basically, we do not collect any sensitive information for vital operations of our platform. As for durability of data, all our services are implemented as stateless, relying on our mainnet and data provided by the users on demand.

Are you preparing for the CDBC business of the Bank of Korea?

Answer: We have consulted and continue to participate in the consortium for the upcoming CDBC roll out. Blocko is also working with banks to help them prepare for CDBC rollout. The consulting is around bank customer wallet, transfer, customer support, and other issues that could arise from CDBC to actual customers.

How is the development of Aergo Hub?

Answer: AERGO Hub is evolving to AERGO Marketplace, as we continue to monitor market conditions, AERGO Hub would face immense competition against non-blockchain based companies. AERGO Marketplace would stimulate developers who are interested in utilizing blockchain for their solutions, rather than trying to blanket the virtual computing market.

When will tokenomics be integrated into the Aergo chain?

Answer: The team is looking into the future where AERGO mainnet tokens would replace the ERC20 in the exchanges. Without a way to exchange AERGO mainnet tokens in the open marketplace, tokenomics would not make sense. Currently AERGO mainnet tokens are only utility tokens for the use of the mainnet. To achieve this, we will need to convince the exchanges to integrate AERGO mainnet and enable trading.

Will you have a burn program?

Answer: No, but we are looking into a staking program

When do you see big corporations and enterprises using aergo mainnet?

Answer: Blocko sales are continuing to push enterprise customers to at least anchor their AERGO Enterprise data onto the AERGO mainnet. Some customers are doing it, and some are considering it. We have no control over the internal policies of our large enterprise customers, but we see some change in willingness to move to this direction. We are also creating solutions and incubating developers to use the AERGO mainnet, and not waiting on the larger enterprise customers. It’s been many years since the mainnet started.

Where can I use aergo? I believe that the price of a coin is a measure of the value of the ecosystem. What are you doing for the token economy?

Answer: AERGO was designed from the beginning to be used by enterprise customers, not consumers for everyday purchases. We are working with developers and solution providers to look at a B2B2C model, where the end user is using AERGO mainnet and paying for services in fiat, but the business customer is paying the AERGO mainnet fees. We are also working on a way to stake the AERGO ERC20 tokens, so that holders will have a way of earning a return on their investment. The team’s bigger goal is to replace the ERC20 tokens with the mainnet tokens in all the exchanges where AERGO trades.

What is the TPS that the team is targeting to implement? What is our unique strength in scalability?

Answer: We already have a 10K tps main network. It is enough for supporting most dapps. Increasing the performance of the network itself consumes more of the node’s performance and storage, so We don’t think it’s meaningful to increase it. Rather, focusing on Layer-2-based scalability can benefit the performance of the overall network. In other words, it is important to reduce the burden on the main network while increasing the overall performance through Layer-2 technology like Merkle Bridge.

When will Block producers on Aergo Mainnet increase, When do you plan to onboard new Block producers on the network?

Answer: We plan to onboard new block producers when there is a specific need. We are optimistic with CCCV and Pikkle like solutions, we will have higher traffic and attract additional block producers with attractive rewards.

In some of the reports / AMA (around the time when Phil Zamanni left) you stated that it will be required for each company to hold a certain amount of Aergo in their wallets. As now many companies are using just private Aergo chains, such a step would benefit the current holders and would also help to strengthen the network. So, my question is, what is the state of this — are you going to ask the companies, benefiting from Aergo technology to buy and hold e.g. 1M coins if they want to continue using private chains for their needs?

Answer: As we develop the utilization of the mainnet further, we expect more partners with mainnet utilization to emerge. As a stable access and stake in mainnet is important to those players, many of them will want to participate in our governance structure as Block Producers as well — such as CCCV and Pikkle.

Once again, just want to know we appreciate all your feedbacks and question. That is why, we will be doing this monthly and I will make a better system for people to go back and recap and of course, to prevent repetitive question. More details to come in the coming weeks.

Jae Shin: We will do this monthly, so that we can take the guess out of this community. Will look into aggregating all the AMA questions and building a FAQ of AERGO.

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