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Приложение для электронного голосования на блокчейне Pikkle, Seoul Drama Awards 2021 и платформа Metaverse ‘Play Together’ : статья на сайте Blocko.io

17 августа 2021 года на официальном сайте Blocko.io появилась статья о сотрудничестве компании Blocko, команды приложения для электронного голосования Pikkle, церемонии награждения Seoul Drama Awards 2021 и платформы Play Together.

Приводим содержание этой статьи на ниже:

Blocko, a company specializing in blockchain technology, is partnering with the ‘Seoul Drama Awards 2021’ and the mobile casual social network game ‘Play Together’, where the blockchain-based electronic voting app ‘Pikkle’ developed and serviced by the company celebrated the 16th this year. It was announced on the 17th that he would go to Through this partnership, the ‘Seoul Drama Awards’ promotional video will be exposed in various spaces such as game centers, fashion malls, and bus stops within the metaverse platform ‘Play Together’, and through ‘Pikkle’, Japan, Taiwan, Thailand, Foreign metaverse users such as Indonesia will be able to easily vote for awards ceremony.

The ‘Asia Star Award’, which will be voted on until the 20th, will be awarded in five countries: Taiwan’s Song Un-hwa, Indonesia’s Amanda Manopo, Japan’s Kentaro Sakaguchi, China’s Ziyiwa Wang Yibo, and Thailand’s Kitty-Chicha Amatayakull. A total of 129 male and female actors from the Wa region were nominated. Then, from August 23 to 31, the voting for the ‘Korean Wave Drama Award’ will be held in the same way.

Any drama viewer can vote for up to three candidates per day on the Pickle app. Voting details are recorded on the ‘Aergo’ blockchain, so you can expect transparent and reliable voting.

On the other hand, Pickle provides an app-based voting service rather than the existing text voting or spam-type cold call, and solves the problem of trust in voting results, such as the contest program’s voting manipulation controversy, and blockchain performance issues with a hybrid blockchain environment. do. At the end of July, viewers voted for the Best Picture award at the ‘48th Korea Broadcasting Awards’ through Pickle, ending with a total of 11,736 votes in four categories.

Kim Jong-hwan, CEO of Blocko, said, “It is meaningful that global fans vote for the ‘Seoul Drama Awards’ Asian Star Award and Hallyu Drama Award through Pickle. We only provide services, but we plan to provide various blockchain services such as NFT (Non-Fungible Token) and Content STO (Security Token).”

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