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Могут ли криптовалютные платежи стать ежедневными?: последний отчет Blocko


Cryptocurrency, which has been loved very much for the past 5-6 years due to its unique structure of excellent versatility and decentralization, has been hit so hard that its popularity has been overshadowed by large and small events such as the Luna Terra crisis and the bankruptcy of FTX. got to wear

For this reason, it was expected that the payment system through cryptocurrency would also fade, but even so, various countries that highly appreciated the value of cryptocurrency took the direction of managing it under the correct regulation rather than giving up cryptocurrency, and cryptocurrency payment also found a way out again. It is expected that

In the midst of such a chaotic situation, can payments through cryptocurrencies permeate our daily lives? Let’s find out what the prospects for the cryptocurrency payment market will be and which companies have introduced cryptocurrency.

Main Content

1. Cryptocurrency Payment Market Forecast
2. Existing Payment VS Cryptocurrency Payment
3. Cryptocurrency Regulation Status
4. Cryptocurrency Introduction Case
5. Conclusion

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