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Интервью с главой Blocko Allan Kim о NFTs

01 декабря 2021 года на ресурсе techm.kr появилась статья-интервью с главой Blocko Allan Kim. Основной темой интервью стала популярная в настоящий момент тема NFT.

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Jonghwan Kim, Co-Founder of Blocko Interview
CCCV NFT, an NFT exchange created by Blocko XYZ
The goal of CCCV NFT is
to help creators and communities get recognition for their creative work.

The non-fungible token (NFT) market is experiencing tremendous growth. In the third quarter of last year, NFT trading volume was about $10.7 billion (about 12.486.9 billion won), a 700% increase from the previous quarter. In the second quarter of this year, the transaction volume recorded US$1.3 billion (1.517 trillion won). In this rising trend, not only blockchain projects, but also entertainment companies, game companies, virtual asset exchanges, and other various companies have entered the NFT market, opening the ‘NFT Market Spring, Autumn Sengoku Era’. Meet the NFT business managers of each company and focus on their business vision and differentiation points. <Editor’s Note>

Blocko, a representative of a native blockchain company, which is celebrating its 8th year this year, is putting its strength in the non-fungible token (NFT) market ‘CCCV NFT’ created by its subsidiary Blocko XYZ. It is collaborating with broadcasting stations, art museums, and film festivals to present various contents. 

Kim Jong-hwan, co-founder of Blocko / Photo = Reporter Lee Seong-woo

‘CCCV’, equipped with CCCV NFT, is a decentralized identification (DID)-based content business card service, and many influencers are using it as a channel for content distribution. Through this, Blocko believes that both ‘creator acquisition’ and ‘community formation’, which are important for the NFT market, will be possible.  

TechM met Kim Jong-hwan, co-founder of Blocko, and heard about the direction of CCCV.

What is important is the creator, not the size of the market

Kim Jong-hwan, co-founder, who I recently met at the Blocko office located in Songpa-gu, Seoul, emphasized that the size of the NFT market is more important than the size of the creator’s activity space. He said, «Actually, it is the creators who have a competitive edge in NFT,» he said. 

Functions of CCCV / Photo = CCCV homepage

Users’ desire is not to be in the exchange, but to the writers they like. For this reason, it is explained that the NFT market installed in CCCV, which is used as a portfolio of creators, can be more competitive. Accordingly, Blocko does not produce content directly, but receives content from creators or intellectual property (IP) holders.

In addition, Co-CEO Kim said, «The place where CCCV benchmarks the most is Naver,» he said. He also added, «This has led to an influx of various creators.» 

In fact, Blocko receives content from ▲Gansong Art Museum ▲Art Center Nabi ▲MBC and publishes it as an NFT. In addition, the webtoon production company ‘Y Lab’ and the creator commerce company ‘Hand Hug’ are planning to sign a business agreement to publish NFTs. In addition, Blocko has plans to NFT the contents of Afreeca TV BJ. Co-CEO Kim said, «I’m trying to sell NFTs by signing a pictorial contract with African BJs.»

NFT value is created by the community

In addition, Co-Founder Kim emphasized that the community also plays an important role in NFT transactions, and CCCV’s NFT market service can satisfy this. He said, «Community is one of the important elements in NFT, so NFT issuance projects use various social media to create communities.» 

CCCV NFT / Photo = CCCV homepage

In fact, the formation and success of the community greatly affects the value of NFTs. Cryptopunk, famous abroad, is also popular and in demand because of its well-established community. Cryptopunk works are considered a token of ‘insa’ in the blockchain industry.  

Also, co-founder Kim said, «CCCV NFT is creating a community by providing a badge of Kansong if you buy NFT from the Kansong Museum, and a badge that says good friend if you buy MBC NFT.» Through this platform, the plan is to form a consensus, create a community, and create a platform for the MZ generation and creators to earn profits through NFT issuance.

A tool to show off your creativity 

Co-CEO Kim said, «Actually, the field I am most interested in is entertainment,» adding, «It is not a functional point of view that collects links through CCCV and publishes NFTs, rather than directly producing and providing content.» Because Blocko has no content, it focuses on functions and collaborates with various IP holders.

Kim Jong-hwan, co-founder of Blocko / Photo = Reporter Lee Seong-woo

Lastly, co-CEO Kim said, «After the novel coronavirus infection (COVID-19), we have become a society where people can easily make money by doing creative work. . He further emphasized, «I hope that the CCCV and NFT market will become a tool for the younger generation to seize this opportunity.» 

Reporter Lee Seong-woo voiceactor@techm.kr

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