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Jae Shin отвечает на вопросы участников официальной группы Aergo Official

4 июня 2021 Jae Shin в телеграм группе Aergo Official ответил на вопросы участников, пояснил некоторые детали в развитии Проекта Aergo. Приводим ниже его слова:

I will review the previous chats

I will draft a guideline for banning and discuss with CM and team. I will also get a list of people that are banned and see what was the cause.

I’ve always said that we need reminders of what we can do better, so that we can

Sometimes we are so heads down in our work that we don’t realize the negative impacts.

I wanted to tell the community about Allan’s father, however I wanted to respect their privacy in these difficult times.

Since Allan made the statement, I can say that this week has been difficult. The company took the day, yesterday, to travel to the wake service to pay our respects. It was an emotional day.

As for your questions above, I see that the biggest concern is the utilization of mainnet tokens.

We are trying very hard from both the AERGO foundation perspective and from Blocko’s perspective to convince customers to use the public mainnet.

This is an ongoing effort from the very beginning.

Since AERGO Enterprise, private blockchain, is based on AERGO, and in demand by enterprises, this is where we start

We are constantly presenting the benefits of anchoring and enhancing their private blockchain data to the AERGO public mainnet.

To be honest, that has been slow going, as enterprises are not the quickest people to react.

So this is why this year we have done more to focus on our own solutions/products.

Allan, Co-CEO of Blocko, has used his subsidiary Blocko XYZ (B2C focus company) to create solutions that will leverage the AERGO public mainnet from the start.

CCCV and Pikkle are 2 prime examples.

As for our ERC20 AERGO token, yes I have been thinking a lot around this and discussed with the team to see how we can give benefits to holding the tokens. I am thinking staking our ERC20 AERGO tokens with good APR returns.

I have spoken to Binance and what they are doing with staking or savings, the APR is low and if we want to increase the APR yield, we would be using our foundation tokens, which is not sustainable and would put more tokens into the market.

So I have thought of a innovative way to decrease the public supply of ERC20 AERGO tokens, and also to increase the yield of staking them.

We will announce something shortly, but we will do a series of proof of concept tests first to make sure it works. So, please stay tuned for this. I’m very excited about this and will announce something official soon.

As for the middle east expansion of Blocko with E24P and Phil. Phil has been focusing on his project in the middle east with his network at Oxford University. The covid restrictions have placed a lot of constraint on the project and have delayed things as well. Having UK on no travel list also hindered many efforts. We believe that, as more restrictions are being lifted in middle east and EU, E24P will be back on track. I know before covid, they had a lot of momentum and a lot of interests from the UAE government and enterprise customers in middle east.

Sometimes we are vague with our updates, as we want to make an impact in the market with big news. The crypto market, unfortunately, reacts only with sudden big news. I have stopped hyping news, as you don’t see me say, «big news tomorrow» anymore, and have focus more on closing deals.

After the announcement, we get right to work on executing the announcement.

And sometimes, it takes a while for things to develop, test, and release of the full solution.

I get that our community members have questions and constructive criticism.

and I also understand that they don’t necessarily know what is really happening on the ground nor the atmosphere of the market where we are. Sometimes the decisions that we make don’t make sense or seems wrong. We can disagree, but know that I value your opinions and I take constructive criticism to heart to make things better.

Isn’t that what we are all trying to do? Make AERGO successful!

There was a question regarding official Korean channel. We have tried in the past and the experience have been really disappointing.

The reason for this is that the Korean chat rooms tend to be very price focused.

There is a stark contrast in what they consider relevant disucssion and what they do not.

There was alot of abuse towards to other community members and the CMs.

But we did not want to completely abandon the channel.

We have unofficial Korean chat channels on Kakao and Telegram

We post news, but the members are free to discuss in a manor that they wish to discuss.

I suppose we gave freedom to discuss without banning people nor restricting people.

Also, trying to have CM for every language became expensive and hard to manage. We wanted to focus on our core work and annouce our progress, versus trying to manage a community.

So this global community management was the clear choice.

We are learning every day and will continue to improve this channel.

It is not the CM’s fault that people got banned unjustly. It is my fault that this happend.

I apologize to those that took offense to this. I will look into this and create official policies that the CMs can implement.

It is not their place to make policies, they only enforce them. CMs work hard to create a great place for discussions. I do appreciate them very much.

It is not an easy job for sure.

Anyone have any additional questions?

Also, if you can DM me handles of members that should return, I would greatly appreciate it.

1. We are working on better translated copies of the articles. We just hired an English/Korean copywriter that is doing this. Look for both versions in the future 2. Yes, this is a definite task that we would like to do. 3. Will send over to dev team. I know with Pancake swap they implemented this and is quite convenient. 4. This is something I’m striving to do, and I will formulate clear guidelines for CMs and speak to the firm about added topic discussions.

AERGO enterprise is deployed in many government agencies and enterprises. We get routinely called for expert advices. We work with exchanges on various projects (I can’t name nor give details) but trust that we are working with them. Also, there have been projects in the past listed on Upbit and Bithumb that are basically paper companies, which we are definitely not. We routinely update each exchanges with our token status.

we can do more to inform the community better. One thing to mention is that, sometimes I have to remind Allan not to disclose too much, as we want to formally announce with marketing support in place, not just blurt it out. And sometimes we have NDAs in place that keep us from disclosing anything. With that said, those things that have become public, yes those can be translated and better disseminated through the community.

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