Слой 1.5 AERGO — вперед : статья в Medium от Jae Nam

AERGO was an official sponsor of the Korea Blockchain Week 2022. AERGO took this opportunity to introduce the Dapps such as BOOOSTPlusfi and CCCV. CCCV also introduced CSB(CCCV Soul Bound Badge).

BOOOST is the first Live-To-Earn lifestyle app that pushes the boundaries of ‘To-Earn’ models while creating a Web 3.0 ecosystem that seamlessly integrates with your day-to-day activities. BOOOST recently released its litepaper which you can find on its website.

AERGO has 3 key features; SQL base, D-DPoS (deterministic) consensus and Merkle Bridge. It is well known for being the leading hybrid blockchain for enterprises. In living up to its name, AERGO has built its partnership and use-cases with numerous companies.

From Dec. 2014 (even before Ethereum appeared), AERGO’s main aim was to become the de-facto blockchain for enterprises. Recognizing companies’ need for processing large volumes of data in real time with SQL/JDBC, AERGO targeted the private blockchain market specifically. This is where AERGO provides a conducive environment for traditional businesses to create their own mainnet immediately. AERGO’s sidechain allows enterprises to connect with AERGO’s public blockchain based on SQL’s high compatibility. Lastly, the Merkle Bridge that facilitates interoperability and asset transfer between each blockchain and sidechain allows AERGO-enabled enterprises to create their own blockchain and manage it flexibly. In summary, AERGO’s public mainnet acts as a kind of central dogma for sidechains.

During KBW 2022, AERGO was introduced as a ‘Layer 1.5’. The main reason AERGO is unique enough to be called a ‘Layer 1.5’ is due to its versatility. In other words, AERGO has both the characteristics of a Layer 1 and 2.

It is worth mentioning that AERGO has a public chain with its own consensus structure like other layer 1s. AERGO also has layer 2 advantages — such as high ETH compatibility, low fees and high TPS — and characteristic of layer 2s which not all data is stored in a single chain but through each sidechains.

In summary, AERGO allows users to:
1) configure on-demand sidechains;
2) interconnect each sidechain through AERGO public; and
3) provide interoperability with large blockchains such as Ethereum

AERGO is an accessible smart contract platform for enterprises. Furthermore, AERGO enables enterprises to anchor data easily and transfer assets to a public chain by connecting the private chains in a single sidechain form. AERGO SQL, a smart contract engine, supports connecting existing DBs around the private chain.

Going forward, AERGO aims to expand its service scope for not only enterprises but also individual users, allowing for the issuing and utilisation of various tokens / STO / NFT / SBT, etc between all Layers.

These plans will be embodied through the upcoming AERGO Dapps.







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