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Сообщение от Jonghwan Allan Kim

May 11, 2021

Hi you guys.
I am Allan who is in charge of Blocko’s DTT, Pickkle, CCCV, KSD STO and whatever blocko’s major project you know.
First of all , Sorry for the transaction imbalance between Main-net and Argo Enterprise. As you all know it is not easy to connect heterogeneous circumstances especially enterprise blockchain area. Aergo’s merkle bridge is technically awesome but first, we have to persuade a wide variety of persons, from policy maker and decision makers to last unit member of purchasing team and Accounting Team both. That’s the why Phil has always said that it is difficult to spread Blockchain in the enterprise environment.
I’m sorry again that I don’t pop up main-net transactions by making worthless D-apps like other alt-projects. But Blocko has his way. and Argo will be similar. I can’t tell you much because I became the CEO of Blocko again in February but DTT*xangle Mainnet anchoring will start soon. and use cases that are difficult to disclose will also be opened.

I promise you this one
Blocko is still doing a lot of Argo Enterprise bizs, and the only homework I’m aiming for as a CEO of Blocko, is a hybrid blockchain ecosystem. I never believe in the bullshit like the ‘private blockchain’ that IBM and some SI are always talking about.

Finally The best way to support our team is to hold tokens.

Of course I’m a holder and I bought it with my self money:)

If you have any questions about Blocko, please e-mail me. (Allan@blocko.io)

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