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Предвыборное голосование «Выберите кандидатов в президенты через NFT»: статья coindeskkorea.com


MaskDAO announced on the 13th that it will introduce a ‘house of kard (HOK)’ project that allows users to vote in advance for presidential candidates using non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

The HOK project issues NFTs that symbolize Candidate Sang-Jeong Shim, Candidate Ahn Cheol-Soo, Candidate Seok-Yeol Yoon, Candidate Jae-Myeong Lee, and Candidate Kyung-Young Huh (in alphabetical order) to select a virtual president-elect through a tournament method.

An official from Mask Dao explained, «In the tournament method, each round is conducted based on the sales of the candidates’ NFTs, and the virtual president-elect is selected through a final round. did.

In addition to the tournament method, the HOK project also runs a voting campaign mode. Campaign mode is an event that takes a photo and issues it as NFT on the election day scheduled for March 9th.

According to Maskdao, 80% of the NFT sales amount of the HOK project will be distributed to those who have the NFT of the president-elect who wins the final round. In addition, the remaining 20% ​​will be used for campaign mode participants.  

Mask Dao said, “This project is to encourage participation in the presidential election ahead of the 20th presidential election.

The HOK project starts at 5pm on the 13th through  the official website .


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