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Introduction: New Features And Enhanced Updates: The AERGOSCAN 2.0 Model

AERGOSCAN 2.0 Is On The Horizon, Are You Ready?

AERGOSCAN, the main blockchain explorer for the AERGO mainnet, is about to embark on a brand new journey; an expedition of updates and new features that the AERGO team is extremely excited to announce. As time presses forward, innovation is a necessary ethos and it is evident that the AERGO team understands such a notion. Not only will preexisting features on AERGOSCAN have numerous enhancements as a result of AERGOSCAN 2.0, but newly formed cutting edge features will also make their way into the newly updated explorer. The AERGO team would be remiss if they didn’t share this information with the community, and within this article, we will highlight the intricate updates of AERGOSCAN 2.0.

Features Upon Features: Network Enhancements: Updates

AERGOSCAN 2.0: A Sleek New Look

AERGOSCAN 2.0 will come equipped with numerous different features that will assist with seamless navigation, introducing the viewer to a wide variety of tools and links that will assist in familiarizing the observer with the AERGO Ecosystem. In AERGOSCAN 2.0, the color scheme and menus have underwent a complete overhaul that will assist in the readability of elements that are shown on AERGOSCAN 2.0. Detailed tabs and information boards have been added as well for increased transparency and seamless utilization. The UX enhancement on the main page of AERGOSCAN 2.0 will include a changed arrangement according to the existing menu color; side navigation tabs are now also included for easy access to information surrounding blocks, transactions, tokens and NFTs on the AERGO Mainnet. The image related to block creation was also updated for the viewers convenience. To become better acquainted with the AERGO Ecosystem in its entirety, AERGOSCAN 2.0 now has a related page navigation menu and an SNS link page so that users can easily access the most crucial and important websites dedicated to the AERGO Network. Mind you, these updates discussed are only just the beginning; there are numerous updates dedicated to detailed UX improvement.

Not only does the main page have a sleek new look, but UX improvements have been made across the board on AERGOSCAN 2.0. The main menu block page has now been added, changes to block details screen components can also be seen, a main menu transaction page has also been added, an additional token information page, changes to transaction detail screen components has also been added, a seamless navigational ability to view more account information and a BP list detail as well. For your convenience, images have been added showcasing the UX enhancements made showcasing the sleek new look of AERGOSCAN 2.0. But what are the brand new updates that haven’t been seen before on the previous version of AERGOSCAN, lets take a deep dive.

A Sleek And Seamless Updated Block Page
The Block Detail Screen Components Have Also Been Updated

Brand New Features: Innovating On All Angles

Numerous updates have been made with never before seen features that now exist on AERGOSCAN 2.0. There will be a brand new split screen showing arc1/arc2 split tokens and an NFT detailed screen for seamless access of NFT’s stored on the AERGO Mainnet. For seamless navigability, there will be a separation of token (NFT) information and Contract Account information screens which were previously clunked onto one entire page. Existing token and NFT holders can now view their token ratio and account details as well! The updates don’t end there, an added search function in NFT inventory is now included in AERGOSCAN 2.0. To add, there will be a token registration request button and a token/NFT detailed condition search function as well. All of these updates will enable a seamless, sleek and more user friendly appearance for any individual who wishes to get more acquainted with the AERGO Network through AERGOSCAN 2.0.

Split Screen Showing arc1/arc2 : Split Tokens
Split Screen Showing arc1/arc2 : Split Tokens
A Sleek New NFT Detail Screen
A Search Tokens And NFT Section Has Also Been Added
The Contract Registration Request Page

Conclusion: Seamless, Sleek, Navigable

AERGOSCAN 2.0 Is The Epitome Of Blockchain Explorers In Navigability

It is evident that a blockchain explorer is the epicenter of information surrounding the entirety of a blockchain network; seamless navigation is paramount to the success of blockchain protocols. AERGOSCAN 2.0 enables indefectible exploration of the entirety of the AERGO Network through a sleek new look with a variety of new features showcased in the various pictures shared within this article. Even in the midst of the worst bear market in cryptocurrency and blockchain history, AERGO presses on with updates, partnerships and developments.

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